About us

Everyone likes a little sin between the sheets.

At Sintimacy, we encourage people to indulge their devilish side. Sexual fantasies, questions, and interests shouldn’t be taboo, when people are open, everyone has a better time. Through our toys and guidance we spark new desires and fetishes, and direct you to the tools that will make them happen.

Why use us?

Because we want to help you explore your desires, not just sell you toys.

Other sex toy sites often cater to one of two extremes: the sexually shy buying their first vibrator, or the formidable fetishist looking for the best specific electro-sex cock cage straight off the bat (or paddle). We believe there’s no reason for this separation, and it’s definitely better when people come together.

At Sintimacy, we believe sex toys – of all varieties – are for everyone. Whatever you want to do, we make sure there’s always a way in, and guidance to take you further… or deeper.

Our vision

Our desire is to stimulate yours.

We want the UK public to drop that vanilla sex mentality and feel comfortable bringing their fantasies to life. This means we’ll take you from beginner to advanced, and you can trust that we know how to get you there.

Nobody should be pushed further than they want to go, but we provide the tools and education needed to go exactly as far as you’d like (and maybe develop a few new tastes along the way). Discover your devilish side.

Our style

Our vibe is dirty, funny, and a little awkward – because that’s the fun of sex.

First and foremost, we’re over-sharers. If you’re looking at an anal speculum you’re going to want to know how to use it, and why you’d want to do so in the first place. We’ll never leave you wondering ‘where does that even go?’

We give too much information, as being shy about sex helps nobody. Whether you’re a kink connoisseur who wants to know the ins and outs (if you’ll excuse the expression) of a particular toy, or you’re just getting started, we’re all adults here and there’s no need to be embarrassed – unless you’re into that.

Our brands

We know anyone can like anything.

This is why our range of products is as versatile as your relationships. We offer sex toys to suit any desire or dynamic, stocking brands you can trust. From Vac-U-Lock to Fifty Shades of Grey, the toys we sell are the best at what they do.

With quality products delivered quickly and discreetly to your door, whatever you’re looking for we know you’ll find it, and come again…and again.